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A mocking library for Common Lisp
posted on 2015-01-06 14:52:47+01:00

After some time thinking about and rewriting the library in a subtly different approaches, CL-MOCK now looks good to me as a version one.

I've removed all mentions of generic functions for now, as first of all I'm unsure if functionality to dynamically rebind methods is even necessary, and second, because doing that is complicated by the details of that protocol. Which means that specifying which method to override is a bit hairy and I really want a good syntax before I let that stuff loose. So it'll have to wait until I figure out a good way to do that. Since it should be easily added to the existing frontend, it will very probably be done with some overloading of existing functions / macros (e.g. with a :method specifier or so).

I'm hoping to test all of this and possibly investigate the generic function issue on some other library. At the moment my single more complex example is a replacement for the DRAKMA HTTP-REQUEST call, which worked surprisingly well and might even make it into a new test suite. The benefit is obviously the improved reliability of not having to have a running network connection for testing libraries against a (HTTP) server.

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