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Again, Coleslaw
posted on 2014-08-18 23:11:32

Another year, another blog. Well, in this case I'd already setup another Coleslaw instance some time ago, but didn't bother to actually fix some issues. It's still not the best setup, but it's fixable. Removing all mentions of Quicklisp (because in the way it's used it should rather be replaced by ASDF dependencies) and all COMPILE-FILE statements would be a start (because in my setup the git user won't have permissions to write FASL files in that directory).

But the point stands: A fix for both of these issues is not obvious. An additional ASD file for each plugin is a bit wasteful, but probably one of the better options, apart from the need to register plugins. COMPILE-FILE is more complicated. However maybe not using compilation explicitely would be enough to fix this in the short run.

And it badly needs a theme, any theme, at least something different from the standard one.

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