New Job, New ...

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Written on 2018-04-15 18:46:10

Seems a good idea to write down some notes about this. I'm switching jobs starting May. I was hesitant about this, mostly because I wanted to figure out the right direction, but the opportunity presented itself, so why not. I'll see how that works out and not travelling for a while is absolutely necessary for me to get ... back on track, I guess.

I hope to get back into a bit of Open Source work as well, with a bit more time that might be possible. Notably that will be related to cl-cffi-gtk, which I hope to get into better shape with some additional collaborators, so there's a good chance the library will (finally) be switched over on Quicklisp too.

At the same time there's things on the bucket list I hope to start this year. It's already a bit late during the year, but better now than not at all. That includes lending a bow and signing up for training.

Lastly I'm not super happy about the lack of reading during the last months, I'm currently still on some Dune-related books and I can't say I enjoy them a lot (big surprise given that people have been slamming them I believe). Music-wise there's fortunately quite a lot of variety going on.


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